Chanel Sosa formerly known as “Chanel Nicole” is an American Pop and R&B Singer/Songwriter, as well as an actress.

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Chanel showed promise in earlier years while aspiring to be a performer. She already began singing Alto and Soprano in her Church choir at the tender age of 8. It was during this period that she really started to develop her musical taste and interest.

Being exposed to a wealth of music genres as a child, as well as influential Whitney Houston’s songs, Chanel began to pursue music beyond a hobby. With a true musical gift, her family and friends were not surprised to see how quickly her success was able to grow. She eventually took her skills to the stage performing in the community and at school shows.

Chanel attended Murry Bergtraum High School in New York City. After receiving her diploma, she attended LaGuardia College where she studied Liberal Modern Arts. In 2007, Chanel took her vocal and performing skills to another level falling under the tutelage of Ron Shelter, a renowned Broadway vocal coach.

Since then, Chanel has done lead and background vocals for Grammy award winner Gordon Chambers. As well as working with Platinum Recording Artists and producers such as Busta Rhymes, Ray J, Cassidy, Yountie, Kwame, Dave Hall, Ty Fyffe, and Fever. With multitudes of features on EPs and Mixtapes, Chanel quickly boarded the train to stardom.

In addition, one of her original songs featured on the MTV Show “Taking the Stage“, and another one on the “Bad Girls New Orleans” Reality Show. You can also find Chanel recently featured on Busta Rhymes single “Doin’ it Again.“ The latest track off his current album, ”Year of the Dragon.”

”I feel I’m ready to give the world part of me the best way I know how, and that’s through my music. I enjoy spreading my love, so get ready to be showered.” – Chanel